Domaine Pero Longo
Route de Bonifacio
20100 Sartene

Name of the estate: AOP Corse Sartène - Domaine Pero Longo
Area of the estate: 24 ha
Viticulture: Organic, Biodynamic
Vinification: Organic, Natural
Geology: Granitic sand
Presentation of the wines: The Pero Longo estate, run by Pierre Richarme, is entirely operated on biodynamic methods. All its wines have the Demeter label and the estate gives priority to Corsican grape varieties. The vines are cultivated biodynamically without the addition of fertilizers or the use of pesticides to make the most of the expression of this terroir. The vinification itself is without yeasts, enzymes, or any other additives. The whole estate operates on low yields. The grapes are brought to the end of their maturity and we let nature take its course, we do not rush it and we respect the terroir. Here we do not look for quantity, we look for quality.
Grape varieties:  Our wines are mainly composed of Corsican grape varieties: Nielluccio, Sciaccarello, and Vermentino.
Presentation of the estate: Founded at the beginning of the last century, the estate was taken over in 1965 by the current owner.
The vineyard, planted with traditional AOC Sartène grape varieties (Sciaccarello, Nielluccio, Vermentino), enjoys a warm and ventilated climate promoting the good health of the vines. Having seen fit to turn to organic farming, the estate began its conversion in June 2000. Moreover, we follow biodynamic principles. A technique which consists of working the vine according to the influence of the stars and the lunar calendar. Located on the Ajaccio-Bonifacio axis, the Domaine Pero Longo is located 15 km south of Sartène, not far from Rocca Pina and its famous lion. The wines are sold and promoted in the tourist structure of the estate. Thanks to his setups, Pierre Richarme obtains vinifications allowing the wines of Domaine Pero Longo to express their fullness and reveal their own personality.