Domaine Orsini
Rochebelle Pietra Alba
20214 Calenzana

Domain name: AOP Corse Calvi - Domaine Orsini
Area of the estate: Not specified
Viticulture: Not specified
Vinification: Not specified
Geology: Not specified
Presentation of the wines: Not specified
Grape varieties: Not specified
Presentation of the estate:
From the ancestral Domaine de Rochebelle, created in 1862 and from the Domaine de Pietralba, which saw the light of day about thirty years ago, the vineyard has been passed down from father to son for 6 generations.
Occupying 60 hectares, the estate managed by Tony Orsini is located halfway up the sunny hillsides of Calenzana overlooking the bay of Calvi.
Planted with traditional grape varieties from the Calvi appellation (Vermentino, Nielluccio, Cannonao, Sciaccarello), the Orsini estate is a real family business. Thus, from the vinification to the sale through the administration office, each of the four children plays a role.
A perfectly oiled organization that allows the Domaine Orsini to shine through the quality and elegance of its wines, but also through its aperitif wines, liqueurs, jams, jellies, and marmalades, as well as its candies and nougats.