Domaine Montemagni
20253 Patrimonio

Name of the estate: AOP Patrimonio - Domaine Montemagni
Area of the domain: 94 ha
Viticulture: Reasoned
Vinification: Conventional
Geology: Clay and limestone
Presentation of the wines:
The estate offers a wide range of products that will delight your taste buds. From gourmet cuisine to aperitifs with friends. Savor our whites, rosés and reds as well as semi-dry, sweet, and late-harvest Muscats.
Grape varieties:
Vermentino 10 ha, Nielluccio 62 ha, Grenache 14 ha and Muscat petits grains 8 ha
Presentation of the estate:
A pioneer in vine cultivation and vinification methods, I developed with my family the largest farm of the appellation, where we produce high quality wines. The mosaic of the plots allows us to have consistent vintages.