Domaine Kiesale Abbatucci

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Domaine Kiesale, Pont de Calzola
20140 Casalabriva
+33 4 95 24 36 30
GPS : 41.772725,8.908462

Located in the heart of the Taravo Valley and at an altitude of 100m, the estate is one of the oldest vineyards on the island.

Composed mainly of emblematic grape varieties such as Vermentino, Sciacarello or Nielluccio, it houses a unique collection of 18 varieties of endemic grape varieties that are today a real treasure in the Corsican wine heritage.

Since 2000, the estate is cultivated in biodynamic agriculture.
The Domaine's production is thus focused on preserving the original and specific flavors of the Corsican terroir, taking nature and soils into consideration. This method helps to regenerate soils and plants. On a living land and in respect of the environment, the vineyard produces a healthy and balanced grape, which, once vinified, transcribes all the aromas of the Corsican maquis (immortelle and myrtle in particular).

Come and discover the 12 vintages of the Domaine at the point of sale open every day from 9am to 11.30am and from 3pm to 7.30pm.
You can also enjoy them during a meal at Le Frère restaurant, which offers them all by the glass.