Domaine Guissani Paoli
Campo Maggiore, Marine de Farinole
20253 Farinole

Name of the estate: AOP Patrimonio – Domaine Guissani Paoli
Area of the estate: 4 ha
Viticulture: Organic
Vinification: Organic
The terroir of Campo Maggiore is rich of clay and schist soil on a sedimentary limestone bedrock. It is located by the sea. The Campo Maggiore valley enjoys a unique microclimate where the humidity of the environment and the sea breeze intertwine in a south-facing area and give the vine a moderate and regular water supply, thanks to which its reds and deep whites develop remarkable tannins. The Domaine Guissani Paoli has managed to preserve this ecosystem which has remained intact and unchanged for several centuries. It is these endemic characteristics that constitute the uniqueness of the Campo Maggiore terroir.
Presentation of the wines: Not specified
Grape varieties: Vermentino, Nielluccio
Presentation of the estate:
Located in the Campo Maggiore valley, in the town of Farinole, at the entrance to Cap Corse, the Guissani Paoli family property stretches between the mountains, the Mediterranean, and luminescence. A unique, surprising, and contiguous estate whose vines are cultivated in an organic and biodynamic way since 1912. To respect the land, this vineyard is exclusively worked by hand according to a know-how that has been passed down for five generations.