Domaine E Petre
20270 Aleria

Name of the estate: IGP Île de Beauté - Domaine E Petre
Area of the estate: 2 ha
Viticulture: Reasoned
Vinification: Conventional
Geology: The estate extends over alluvial soils from an old Tavignano terrace, which has a high proportion of rolled pebbles and
loamy-sandy soils
Presentation of the wines:
⦁    2013 and 2014 Red
⦁    2015 Rosé
⦁    2014 and 2015 White
Grape varieties:
⦁    Rosé, Cannonao, Syrah, Nielluccio
⦁    White, Vermentino, Chardonnay
⦁    Red: Cannonao, Syrah, Nielluccio, Cabernet-sauvignon
Presentation of the estate: The "E Petre" estate is located on the Rotani plateau, on the Aleria-Corte axis in the Tavignano valley. It is listed on the so-called Route des Sens. It is with the owner's father that her husband Pierre learned the work of the vineyard and the vinification process for 44 years, who passed down his passion to him. In 2009, her husband retired from a career as dental surgeon and they wanted to start producing their own wine to continue with the work and the passion of her father. Our estate has an area of 1.47ha with a density of 6000 vines/ha (the smallest in Corsica to make the 3 colors). The treatments are limited and we practice grassing and plowing every other row. The harvest is done by hand. The vinification is done in the original cellar (with a palmentu, an open concrete tank) in a traditional way, for the red with a passage in oak barrels and modern (thermoregulated) barrels for the whites and the rosés. Its particularity, its small size, its artisanal approach, and its modernity surprise and seduce.