Domaine de Solenzara
Domaine de Solenzara
20145 Sari-Solenzara

Name of the estate: AOP Corse Porto-Vecchio - Domaine de Solenzara
Area of the estate: Not specified
Viticulture: Reasoned
Vinification: Conventional
Geology: Not specified
Presentation of the wines: Not specified
Grape varieties: Not specified
Presentation of the estate:
Facing the sea, the 15 ha of the Solenzara estate, the most northerly of the AOC Corsica Porto-Vecchio appellation, are grown organically, without pesticides or weedkillers, to allow the most natural expression of the alliance of traditional Corsican grape varieties and sandy clay soils. In 1991, Fabienne and Emile Lucchini restructured the estate with various Corsican grape varieties: Vermentino for the white, Le Nielluccio, Mouverdre, and Sciaccarello for the reds, Sciaccarello and Grenache for the rosés. The grapes are harvested manually, vinified, and bottled in the estate's cellar.