Domaine de Camellu
4 place Prince Pierre
20214 Calenzana

Domain name: AOP Corse Calvi - Domaine Camellu
Area of the estate : Not specified
Viticulture : Not specified
Vinification : Not specified
Geology : Not specified
Presentation of the wines : Not specified
Grape varieties : Not specified
Presentation of the estate :
The smallest vineyard in Balagne, Domaine U Camellu was created in 1918.
The plantations located on Calenzana were renewed in 1994.
On this date, Bernard Villanova took over the operation and continued to modernize the estate and the cellar.
The vineyard planted with local grape varieties - Nielluccio, Cannonao, Sciaccarello - benefits from the influence of the sea and the nearby mountains.
An electrician by training, Bernard Villanova has been immersed in the world of wine since his childhood and his great-grandfather already marketed his bottled wine under the name Camellu.
A wine from which he took several motifs for his label which proudly displays the Calenzana emblem. The cellar is in the heart of the village, which gives rise to great entertainment during the harvest.
With the cultivation of the vine, the harvest is undoubtedly the moment that Bernard appreciates the most. Indeed, it is for him a great moment of conviviality where he gathers his friends.
Eager to perpetuate this winegrowing tradition, Bernard immersed himself in this profession with passion, encouraged by his colleagues.