Domaine d'Alzipratu
Route de Zilia
20214 Zilia

Name of the estate: AOP Corse Calvi - Domaine D'Alzipratu
Area of the estate: 40 ha
Viticulture: Reasoned
Vinification: Conventional
The vineyard sits on soils composed mainly of granite sands and various colluviums, which allow a beautiful expression of our island grape varieties.
Presentation of the wines: Their production is spread over 3 vintages:
⦁    the Fiume Seccu vintage (dry river), a wine from the estate, produced in the 3 colors.
⦁    the Pumonte vintage (beyond the mountains) also produced in the 3 colors, more complex and elaborate, with different vinification and aging methods.
⦁    the Loghi vintage (places), 3 micro-vintages resulting from the selection of specific plots and innovative maturing methods. Iniziu (the origin) in red, Alticellu (the high heavens) in red, and Lume (light) in white.
Grape varieties: The grape varieties present on the Estate are:
The Sciaccarello, The Nielluccio, The Vermentino, The Bianco Gentile, The Minustellu, The Aleatico, The Cannonao, and The Syrah.
Presentation of the estate:
Created in the sixties by Baron Henry Louis de la Grange, then owner of the Alzipratu convent, the estate was managed by Maurice Acquaviva before being taken over by his son Pierre (2nd generation on the estate). It is divided into 2 lots. The first consists of three plots grouped to the north of the convent. The second is located 10 km west of Calenzana. Due to their geographical location at the foot of Monte Grossu and five minutes from the shore, they both benefit from the sea-mountain climatic influence. The vineyard is plowed and worked directly in the rows without pesticides or insecticides. The estate has a vinification cellar built with traditional materials and harmoniously blended into the landscape. Since 2017, the Alzipratu estate has offered an intimate visit, unique in Balagne. For those who wish to live an original experience, the Alzipratu estate offers tourists, connoisseurs, and wine lovers its Sensory Journey: from the vineyard to the cellar, accompanied by a guide, visitors discover the history of the Corsican vineyard, and share a special moment with the winegrower.