Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Vignoble - Pont de Calzola
20140 Casalabriva

Name of the estate: SIGP BIO - IGP Île de Beauté - Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Area of the estate: 20 ha
Viticulture: Not specified
Vinification: Organic
Geology: Granitic sand
Presentation of the wines: Not specified
Grape varieties: Not specified
Presentation of the estate:
The first ampelographic station on the island, the Comte Abbatucci estate, from 1960 to 1970, favored the study and cultivation of the ancient grape varieties which today constitute the typicity of the island vineyard. Created in 1950 in an area where 3 natural springs flow, this vineyard benefiting from an exceptional microclimate is entirely planted with Corsican grape varieties (Vermentino, Sciaccarello, Nielluccio, Barbarossa). Its cultivation is traditional and the harvest is manual. Passionate about nature, Jean-Charles Abbatucci finds in the cultivation of his vines and in his vinifications a quality of life which is worth the sacrifices that nature imposes. "The need for quality while respecting tradition" is the spirit that drives this winegrower. For 5 years the vineyard has been cultivated according to the rules of organic farming and we have been following the precepts of biodynamics for 4 years. A technique which consists of working the vine according to the influence of the stars and the lunar calendar. A cultivation method that is bearing fruit, because the estate's wines have gained in quality and thereby in notoriety.