Domaine Casa Guelfucci

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1 Avenue du pont de l'Orta
20250 Corte
+33 4 95 61 06 41
+33 6 81 87 83 20
GPS : 42.313051, 9.152484

Name of the estate: SIGP - IGP Île de Beauté - Casa Guelfucci
Area of the estate: 3 ha
Viticulture: Reasoned
Vinification: Conventional
Geology: Delimited plots planted with single grape varieties facing south-south-east, low declination, valley bottom, old riverbed mixing granite sand and alluvium with degradation of schist surrounded by two rivers.
Presentation of the wines: Not specified
Grape varieties:
⦁ Red: Aleatico, Minustellu, Sciaccarello
⦁ White: Vermentino, Bianco gentile, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains
⦁ Rosé: Sciaccarello, Cannonao
Presentation of the estate:

Vineyard of mountain, we vinifter to the property our grapes without pesticide, nor insecticide, all with the greatest respect of the typicity and the rebirth of the Cortenese terroir ...
The degradation of the schists follows a slight slope to finish on a roll of granite which confers a mineral freshness to our 7 grape varieties.
Out of the love of diversity and piqued with curiosity, our micro-cuvées will try to surprise you.
Marina and Antoine Guelfucci

Domaine Casa Guelfucci

1 Avenue du pont de l'Orta
20250 Corte