Dolmens de Casta

Access map

20246 San-Pietro-di-Tenda
GPS : 42.654882,9.257674

Difficulté: Medium, the path has very few marks
Type: Round trip
Duration: 2h30
Length: 4,50 km
Difference in height: 92m
Start: San-Pietro-di-Tenda
GPS: 42.654882, 9.257674

A pleasant walk in the thicket of the Agriates desert.
Access by car
Meeting point in St-Florent. At the southern exit of St-Florent, cross the bridge and follow the directions to the Desert des Agriates. Go past the military base and park at the end of the long straight line.
Follow the road for about 1km, and take the path on the right which goes up towards Monte Revinco. Stay on the main path and follow the cairns. After 1km, you'll reach a plateau with stones on the ground. Turn right to reach the first dolmen: a casa di l'orca. Listed as a historic monument, the Monte Revinco dolmen dates back to the Neolithic era.
To reach the second dolmen, simply turn around and turn right for a few hundred meters. We will then reach casa di l'orcu. They are the oldest dolmens in the Mediterranean. The burials are thought to have been built around 5500 BC.



Dolmens de Casta

20246 San-Pietro-di-Tenda