Dolmen de Tremeca

Access map

20151 Ambiegna
GPS : 42.079173,8.790771

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Return trip
Duration: 40 mn
Length: 2.71 km
Start: Casaglione

This dolmen is well known because it was examined and studied by Roger Grosjean in 1966, but this location cannot be considered touristic, far from it, since it is quite hard to find...

Access by car
Go to Casaglione and go up to Col Saint-Antoine on the D25. Just before the pass, on your left, you will see a traffic island where to leave your vehicle.

Follow the track until you reach a barrier (be careful when crossing the barrier, you will find yourself on a private ground that includes a shooting range. So be careful!) Follow the track, go past the shooting range until the track splits into two T-shaped tracks. Take a left then left again at the next intersection.
Continue climbing to a small pass where you will see a barrier on your right. The dolmen is under a large tree about 40 meters from the barrier.


Dolmen de Tremeca

20151 Ambiegna