Delta du Fangu (copie)
Route de Galéria
F-20245 Galéria
06 22 01 71 89
GPS : 42.419103,8.659221

Open 1 June to 30 September, 7days a week, departures from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Discover the richness in a canoe from an exceptional site ranked Biosphere Reserve (MAB) by UNESCO.
At the foot of the Genoese tower of Galeria, at the mouth of Fangu, four arms of water traverse the plain.
By gliding silently on the mirror of water, you will see a multitude of plant and animal species.
In a relaxing atmosphere, you can see, from hundreds of white lilies on the shores, moorhens along with their chicks, turtles cistudes sunbathing on trunks of dead wood semi submerged.
But also, grebes Grebe (small diving ducks), according to the seasons of waders: herons, egrets and more discreet, beautiful kingfishers flying over the area sneak.
Reservation from 15 people. Admission available for all persons and for all ages.

Delta du Fangu

Route de Galéria
F-20245 Galéria