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20126 Cristinacce
GPS : 42.239049,8.840155

Cristinacce is a village full of Corsican traditions. For a long time surviving from cattle and pig breeding, as well as harvesting the local chestnuts, its economy was built on craft production of charcuterie (cold smoked meats), honey, chestnut flour, and other components that are the basis of the local cuisine. The village also has many mountain springs including Sabuchelli, and is known for its healthy spring water. There are several easy hiking routes around Cristinacce, a fine way to enjoy the countryside. Françoise Leca-Parodi and Josette Vernet, painters who lived in Cristinacce regularly have their works exhibited at the community hall. The variety of natural, artistic, and gastronomic resources has allowed the village to find a good balance between preservation of its heritage and development of tourism.