Couvent Saint François

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20160 Vico
GPS : 42.161100,8.801107
The convent of Saint-François à Vico had several lives. The first beggars of the order of St. Francis arrived in 1481 and built, with the help of the inhabitants, a small oratory and cabins for praying and sleeping. In 1628, the Order took the decision to make a clean sweep of this first place of community to erect an Italian-style convent, that is to say a three-winged convent. A large church with two side chapels, a sacristy, a choir, and in the first wing a refectory, kitchens, a dormitory: the base of the Italian-style convent was ready. The works lasted 75 years. The convent took shape, and in 1710, to increase its ambitions, another wing was added to the building. It served as a place of study for Franciscan monks who prepared themselves for priesthood. But soon after the completion of the works, the French Revolution led to the closure of the site, and there was no time for the last wing to be built.