20226 Costa
GPS : 42.575522,9.002008

Costa is a village that belongs to the ancient parish of Tuani, in the Balagna region. This small village is located at an altitude of 274 metres. Costa is one of the eighteen villages of Balagna that are part of a natural area of ecological, faunal and floristic interest. Nature lovers may be lucky enough to see red kites, a near-threatened species which still manages to survive in Balagne without problems.

In August, the village organises numerous events for the pleasure of its inhabitants and its tourists: on 15 August Costa lights up to celebrate St Rocco, and a few days earlier the village hosts the Fiera de i misteri dell'arte di u focu e di l'artigiani (Fair of the mysteries of the art of fire and of craftsmen).

Art lovers can visit several churches and monuments in and around the village. The church of St Salvador is in the centre of the village. Inside there are three paintings classified as historical monuments (Adoration of the Virgin by two Franciscan saints, Apparition of the Virgin to St Anthony of Padua, Martyrdom of St Bartholomew), a pipe organ and a pulpit used for preaching. Next to the church there is also the chapel of the confraternity.
The Tuani Convent (15th century) is located between Costa and Ville-di-Paradiso. Today, it is still in good condition and is classified as a historical monument of Corsica.

The village is crossed by the D 71 road. Costa is at 18 km from Île-Rousse and at 38 km from Calvi.