Corsica Canyon

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20122 Quenza
+33 6 22 91 61 44
+33 6 21 81 07 15
GPS : 41.842888, 9.301185
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Open : 01/04 to 15/10.
Canyoning : down the stream with a suit, helmet, Bandiere
Materials provided : wetsuit, harness canyon, canyon helmet, bag canyon. What To bring : closed tennis shoes, football or swimming trunks, cereal bars, water bottle

A Purcaraccia - 50 € : in a wonderful and magnificent beauty. Here nothing is the same, the bowls green and crystal clear waters, slides and waterfalls are bigger and more beautiful than anywhere else, must. . This is definitely a must. The point of slide there is a jump to make. Commitment means, most obstacles can circumvent this.

A Vacca - 55 € : it is in this canyon that will be born one of the most beautiful river in Corsica A SULINZARA. It offers a fantastic crunch in a setting of a cathedral, a feriatte needle. Forces us wonder, by nature requires us to be humble, because between these paroies that seem to touch the sky how not to be true. The word canyon makes sense in this site, which will leave an indelible image even water. Swim, dive, jump as one can recall anyway. Engagement : given the collection, the obstacles are mandatory.

U Pulischellu - 45 € : the legend of needles BAVELLA is here at your fingertips. Completing the panorama so rich in canyon Bavella massif. It is the perfect place to share with family or friends. The joys of a sweet moment of relaxation .... of laughter out loud in a natural water park. Slides, jumps, and ca again and again with much of its finale. Commitment : almost zero, virtually all obstacles can be overcome.

Corsica Canyon

20122 Quenza