Clos Signadore
Morta Piana
20232 Poggio d’Oletta

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Presentation of the estate:
Young 35-year-old winemaker Christophe Ferrandis turned to agriculture and oenology after his classical studies.
He moved to Corsica first as a consultant and then decided to create his own estate in 2001: Clos Signadore. This estate is the result of the meeting between a young determined Marseillais and 4 ha of old Nielluccio established in 2001 on two marly-limestone hills in Poggio d'Oletta.
About ten additional hectares were planted in 2005.
Asserting a "reasonable" agriculture, the young winegrower weeds the land mechanically and does not add any synthetic chemical fertilizer.
Manual harvesting is done in boxes to preserve the physical integrity of the grapes.
The vineyard is made up of 3 distinct small plots.
⦁    Le Clos Signadore: 4 hectares of Nielluccio + 1 ha of Nielluccio planted in 2005.
⦁    Paciolo: 1 hectare of Nielluccio + 1 hectare of Vermentino planted in 2006.
⦁    Pied'Albuccio: 1 hectare of Grenache and 1.5 of Nielluccio.
All the vines in production are 40 years old.