Clos Dominici
Hameau Granaghju
20253 Patrimonio

Name of the estate: AOP Patrimonio - Clos Dominici
Area of the estate: Not specified
Viticulture: Not specified
Vinification: Not specified
Geology: Not specified
Presentation of the wines: Not specified
Grape varieties: Not specified
Presentation of the estate:
Created in 1900, the Clos Dominici vines occupy well-ventilated land both in the plain and on the limestone hillsides or in the foothills of Mount Sant'Angelo.  Cultivated, plowed, stripped in the traditional way, the vineyard is planted with local grape varieties: Nielluccio, Vermentino, and Muscat Petit Grain.
The harvest is manual. The estate certainly does not lack ambition: the 2.5 hectares were restructured years ago and are ready for all future campaigns. Serge Dominici inherited the passion for working in the vineyard from his father, who himself inherited it from his father.
Beyond working in the vine, Serge controls his vinification processes very closely, not hesitating to ask for advice to his elders, who follow with great interest the progress made by one of the youngest winegrowers of the Appellation. In the cellar located at the northern entrance of Patrimonio, Mrs. Dominici likes to offer visitors a taste of the treasures of this white land, rich and full of generosity.