Clos Clementi
Maison Clementi
20232 Poggio d’Oletta

Name of the estate: AOP Patrimonio - Clos Clementi
Area of the estate: Not specified
Viticulture: Not specified
Vinification: Not specified
Geology: Not specified
Presentation of the wines: Not specified
Grape varieties: Not specified
Presentation of the estate:
Clos Clementi was created in 2002 by Antoine and Jean Pierre Clementi on a vineyard founded in 1936 by their grandfather, Antoine Clementi. Inspired by the generosity of this terroir, located in the heart of an exceptional environment, the young winegrowers of the Clos have since shown great passion in the promotion of their heritage to produce wines which are the best expression of this land.
The vineyard of this estate is made of twelve hectares of vines all in a single plot backed by a slight slope. Planted following the "usu anticu" (old-fashioned principles) according to the orientation of the sun and the wind, the noble grape varieties of the appellation feed on a predominantly clay-limestone soil and benefit from an exceptional microclimate.
The harvest is entirely manual. The vinification and aging cellars as well as the tasting cellar are housed in the family building, built in Poggio d'Oletta almost 300 years ago. Dedicated to wine production since its construction, this cellar ensures the fermentation and aging of the wines at a constant temperature all year round. These grape varieties, harvested at dawn, favor a harvesting in crates to preserve all their richness.
The estate also perpetuates the development of winemaking methods to promote the long aging of their vintages.