Chemin de Puntiglione

Access map

20130 Cargèse
GPS : 42.133944,8.593541

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Loop
Duration: 1h30
Length: 3,50 km
Start: Cargèse

This walk allows you to go around the peak and to discover the Genoese towers in ruins of Cargese. The Genoese towers were built along the coast of Corsica as a defense against the pirates, who were called the "Barbaresques" and roamed the Mediterranean after the Muslim conquest. It is a beautiful short hike that can be done with the whole family to enjoy the view of the turquoise, dark blue sea, and white sea as well as the red cliffs. A real feast for the eyes!

Access by car
Go to Cargèse and leave the vehicle in the village.

Descend to the seaside. Halfway along the main road, a sign on the right indicates the start of the trail.

Start the loop on the left (clockwise), beautiful views await you: the port of Cargèse, the tower of Omigna, Péro beach, the ruins of a sheepfold and a Genoese tower, etc... You can also go until the Punta di Cargèse. You may even see the donkeys in the meadow...


Chemin de Puntiglione

20130 Cargèse