Chapelle Sant'Angelo d'Omessa, 650m

Access map

20236 Omessa
GPS : 42.370565,9.200605

Difficulty: Easy, some orange and yellow tracks
Type: Round trip
Duration: 2h00
Difference in height: 200 m
Start: Omessa
GPS: 42.370565, 9.200605

Access by car
Meeting place at the hamlet d'Omessa taking the RT20 between Corte and Ponte-Leccia. Park in front of the town hall and find the road slightly downhill that ends on a cul-de-sac.

After parking, come back about 50 m on your steps, take the alley on the right. Continue on this path until the track and then turn right in front of a renovated sheepfold below (not visible from the track). You start a small climb, and arrive on a large flat surface that runs along a fence to a barrier. Take it and turn slightly to the right. You cross a first stream (the Martino), and continuing north, a second (the Felce).
This is where you will start to gain altitude and leave the shaded area to access a lower thicket. It is after an hour of walking that you will finally discover the chapel, perched above the hamlet of Caporalino.
You can be content with this point of view and admire the highest mountains of the island, and take the same path for the return.
However, for the bravest of you, and if you're not in a hurry, it is possible to continue to discover another chapel, Sant'Angelo de Lano. The walk will then turn into a hike with a higher altitude.


Chapelle Sant'Angelo d'Omessa, 650m

20236 Omessa