Chapelle Sant'Angelo de Pratu, 820m

Access map

20218 Pratu di Giovellina
GPS : 42.423891,9.165033

Difficulty: Easy - Do not forget to close the gates
Type: Round trip
Duration: 2h00
Difference in height: 170 m
Start: Pratu di Giovellina
GPS: 42.423891,9.165033

Access by car
Meeting in Pratu di Giovellina (at an altitude of 650 m), a charming hamlet with 50 inhabitants. To get there, from Francardu between Corte and Ponte-Leccia, take the D118. When you get to the village, you can park near the church.

Take the stairs that are before the church and follow the village path. Follow the road for about 500m and turn right to go up to Prato Supranu. You'll arrive on the plateau after taking a narrow alley and crossing 2 gates. Here is an old chapel near a water supply point. You are on the track leading directly to the chapel. Once you arrive on the beautiful plateau, you can admire the chapel and have a 360° view on the "aiguilles" of Popolasca and Castiglione to the west, the San Petrone to the east, but also on the village of Omessa to the south-east. Return by the same way.

The region has several Genoese towers, including Monte Albano, halfway between Francardu and Prato. It is one of the rare towers you find inland, since they were usually built on the coast.


Chapelle Sant'Angelo de Pratu, 820m

20218 Pratu di Giovellina