Conditions Générales d'Utilisation


  • The AUGUST MARINE Company is the organizing Company and owner of the "Avantage-Avantaghji" card program,which also owns the cards supporting the "Avantages-Avantaghji" program.
  • A Subscriber is defined as the professional Holder of a tourist activity (hotels, leisure activities, restaurants, catering services, shops, transportation or other) listed on the iFlyer network belonging to the AUGUST MARINE Company (after payment in the form of a subscription).
  • A Member is defined as any adult, client, or future client of one or more Subscribers of the iFlyer network, who holds an "Avantages-Avantaghji" card referenced on the website, owned by the AUGUST MARINE Company. The card must be validated by the registration of said Member in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use set out below.

GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF THE "Avantages-Avantaghj"(effective from March 30, 2019).

The Sarl AUGUST MARINE Company, whose registered office is located in Route de la Marine 20150 Porto-OTA, and identified under the number 750 891 426 RCS Ajaccio, is the owner of the brand and put in place a program of promotional offers through a system of cards named "Avantages-Avantaghji".
The "Avantages-Avantaghji" card program, published by AUGUST MARINE, the issuer and owner of the card, connects the AUGUST MARINE Subscribers offering a promotional offer and Members who are eligible for this offer.
AUGUST MARINE reserves its right to deactivate a Member's card or to exclude a Subscriber from the "Avantages-Avantaghji" card program if they do not comply with the Terms and Conditions of said program.
This program is valid for all participating AUGUST MARINE Subscribers in Corsica. The complete list and the promotions they offer are available on the website.
The purpose of these General Conditions is to define the conditions under which the beneficiaries of the "Avantages-Avantaghji" cards have access to the discount program.
Members who hold cards issued by AUGUST MARINE will benefit from the discounts of the program at the participating Subscribers' premises.

1. Program Membership:

"Avantages-Avantaghji" cards are issued free of charge to natural persons aged 18+ for a non-professional purpose and use.
The "Avantages-Avantaghji" cards are issued: By August Marine subscribers who have an terminal to the Members; By mail upon request to: Sarl AUGUST MARINE, Route de la Marine, 20150 Porto-OTA; Or by email to
Each card is strictly personal and only the cardholder and their spouse can use it.
Participation in the program "Avantages-Avantaghji" is effective after signing up on the website.
Upon obtaining their card and signing up on the site, Members may benefit from the offers of discount program, according to the Terms and Conditions specific to each Subscriber of the network of the AUGUST MARINE Company. These Terms are available on the website and on all AUGUST MARINE communication media.
The benefits offered by AUGUST MARINE Subscribers cannot be combined with other promotional offers currently in place.
To benefit from the "Avantages-Avantaghji" program, Members must register on the website.
Members will be invited to provide their first name and surname, their email, their date of birth (the compulsory data to finalize the membership will be preceded by an asterisk) and to accept the Terms and Conditions of use.
It is understood that Members have read these Terms and Conditions and to accept them without reservation upon signing up.

2. How the program works:

Promotions will only be GRANTED only upon presentation of the "Avantage-Avantaghji" card, which has to be ACTIVATED on the website.
In order to benefit from the promotions offered on the website by one of the Subscribers of the AUGUST MARINE network, Members must show their "Avantages-Avantaghji" card at the reception counter of the Subscriber offering the promotional offer. The Subscriber reserves their right to refuse to grant the benefit if the Member's card is not duly registered on the website.
Any purchase by phone or email MUST be carried out on the Subscriber's website by communicating their card number. Any purchase carried out through a provider or intermediary site (online accommodation booking site, etc.) will not be eligible for the promotions offered by the AUGUST MARINE Subscriber on the website.
The promotional offer can only be applied once for the same purchase, regardless of the number of cards presented by Members.
Each time they book or buy something, Members must express their willingness to benefit from the promotional offer proposed by the AUGUST MARINE Subscriber, if this offer is effective, before the payment.
The Subscriber is obliged to grant the promotion offered through the "Avantages-Avantaghji" program of the website to the Subscriber whenever they request it in compliance with the General Conditions of Use herein.

3. Information and claims:

For any information or any claim, Members will be asked to provide their card number and date of birth.
Any request for information, complaint, change of personal information can be carried out on the website or by writing to the address - SARL AUGUST MARINE, Route de la Marine, 20150 Porto-OTA.

4. Card deactivation:

1. Members shall be held responsible for any breach of these Terms and Conditions, or any misuse or fraudulent use of the card by them or a third party, automatically resulting in the exclusion of the Member and the deactivation of their card.
2. In case of violation of these conditions or misuse or fraudulent use of the card, the offer will be annulled and Members will have to pay their purchase in full.
3. The AUGUST MARINE Company reserves its right to carry out checks regarding the use of the card. These checks may be carried out at any time, provided that the adherence to the loyalty program was validated by the Member.

5. Loss and theft:

In case of loss or theft of the loyalty card, Members must send an email as soon as possible to
In case of loss or theft of the card, the AUGUST MARINE company will be relieved of all liability. After informing the AUGUST MARINE company of the loss or theft of the card, the card will be deactivated.

6. Accountability:

1. AUGUST MARINE declines all responsibility in case Members make an improper use of their "Avantages-Avantaghji" card.
2. Members guarantee the accuracy of all information provided and will be solely responsible for any erroneous, incomplete, or obsolete information.

7. Modification of the program "Avantages-Avantaghji":

AUGUST MARINE reserves its right to modify these General Conditions and will inform the Members through its website.

The new version of these Terms and Conditions will apply instead.

8. Data Protection Act:

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978 and later amendments related to information technology and liberties and the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) of April 27, 2016, all data to which are required to request a "Avantages-Avantaghji" card are identified by an asterisk on the membership form on the website.

This information is necessary for the issuance and management of all operations related to the card

These personal data files, as well as all information collected later through the use of your "Avantages-Avantaghji" card, will be processed automatically

for the AUGUST MARINE company and its contractually linked partners, in the following circumstances:

- Managing the "Avantages-Avantaghji" card program

- Implementing AUGUST MARINE's commercial actions.

In this context, AUGUST MARINE may transmit personal data to other contractually linked partners, according to its instructions and in compliance with any other appropriate security and confidentiality measure.

Members may receive commercial or informational offers of AUGUST MARINE Company Subscribers by mail or e-mail, unless explicit objections are lodged.

- Conducting statistics and commercial analysis.

- To comply with binding legal, regulatory, judicial or governmental requirements, your membership information is retained for 36 months, starting from the last time it was used, and archived for the applicable legal period.

The information categories which are subject to specific periods (e.g. cookies) are kept in accordance with the regulatory periods in force.

In order to allow Members to control how their Data is used, they have the right to request access and to correct their Data.

Members have the right to be informed about the use we make of their Data.

This is the purpose of the Terms of Use in this document.

Members have the right to request the limitation of the processing of their personal data. It is important to note that this right only applies if: 1. Members contest the accuracy of their Data during the retention period allowing us to verify the accuracy thereof 2. Members believe that we are illegally processing their Data and their use needs to be limited 3. We no longer need their Data for the purposes referred to in paragraph 2, but they are still necessary for the recognition, exercise, or defense of its rights in court, in case they exercise their right of objection during the verification period as to whether the legitimate grounds we are pursuing prevail over theirs.

Members have the right to request the deletion of their personal data. AUGUST MARINE may nevertheless keep the data temporarily for the time necessary to fulfill its legal, accounting and tax obligations.

Members have a right to ask for the exercise of their opposition right for the treatments used for commercial prospecting purposes.

If Members are involved in cold calling processes, they can oppose the use of their telephone number by registering for free on the site

If Members receive marketing emails, they can unsubscribe 1. By clicking on the "Unsubscribe" hypertext links in each newsletter or 2. By visiting directly their August Marine account and clicking on the "My subscriptions" link.

Members have the right to formulate specific and general post-mortem directives concerning the storage, deletion, and communication of their Data.

In the absence of any directive, the Members' heirs may contact AUGUST MARINE in order to 1. Access the data processing for "the organization and settlement of the estate of the deceased" and/or 2. Have the account closed and/or oppose further processing of their Data.
• Members have the right to exercise their right to portability.
• Members may at any time make a claim to the competent supervisory authority (in France, the CNIL:

In general, in order to exercise their rights, Members may:
Go to their account in the "My Account" area.
Send us their request, accompanied by a copy of any identity document:
By email:;
By mail: Sarl August Marine, Route de la Marine, 20150 Porto-OTA.

These General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by French law, even though one of the parties is foreign and/or the contract is handled, partly or entirely, abroad.
Any dispute that arises about its execution and that cannot be resolved amicably will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Ajaccio (Southern Corsica).