20225 Cateri
GPS : 42.571368, 8.892358

With its exceptional panorama and its historical heritage, Cateri is a charming village of 215 inhabitants (as of 2017), which covers a surface of 3.2 Km2, and 17.4 km from Calvi.

This village nestled on the side of a small mountain dominates the plain of Aregno. As in all of Balagne, this town is full of olive trees. Old granite houses delimit the cobbled alleys with their vaulted passages, giving the village of its charm, and lead up to the "Piazzetta", a small square overlooking the sea.

In the heart of the village, the  17th-century Baroque church of Santa Maria Assunta has a remarkable arched bell tower, unique in Corsica. The Parish Church of the Assumption  (Ghjesgia di Santa Maria Assunta), is a Baroque building from the 17th century.