Castellu di Sarrevalle, 553m

Access map

20218 Piedigriggio
GPS : 42.446101,9.170632

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Round trip
Duration: 1h05
Length: 1.35 km
Difference in height: 200 m
Start: Piedigriggio
GPS: 42.446101, 9.170632

Access by car
Meeting place in Piedigriggio. From Ponte Leccia, take the D18 towards Popolasca (360m above sea level). At the first intersection, turn right to reach the small village. The start of the track is on the left before the first houses and before a small bridge.

Follow the red arrows that start on the road and lead you first on a shaded track to the edge of a water catchment.
Turn left, then right to take the Alitutude and reach Bocca Foatello (around 467m.). Here you can admire the beautiful view of the village below.
Continue to a crossroads and turn left to climb the last foothills.
You have the choice between picnicking and going back the same way, or join the road to Popolasca by returning to the crossroads, and going straight (count 1 more hour for the round trip).


Castellu di Sarrevalle, 553m

20218 Piedigriggio