à 30 mns au nord-est de Corte
20235 Castello-di-Rostino
GPS : 42.482106, 9,281531

Castello-di-Rostino is a municipality in Haute-Corse with an area of 12.4 km2, 29 km north of Corte.
The village takes its name from a medieval castle demolished in 1358, located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Golu valley, which was the former home of the Marquis de Massa.

There are approximately 471 inhabitants in Castello-di-Rostino. They live in several hamlets: Pastoreccia, Baranciasche, Frasso, Poggiola, Gialge, Piano, Gustalbio in the heights, and Ponte-Novu on the banks of the Golo.

Ponte-Novu is a village in Castello di Rostino where every year there is a hunting and fishing fair called "A Fiera di a Caccia e di a Pesca" during the last weekend of June.