20270 Casevecchie
GPS : 42.142787,9.360008

Casevecchie is located at an altitude of 420 metres and is part of the ancient parish of Aléria in Upper Corsica. This village stretches from Punta Capizzali (729 m) to the eastern plain and to the Tyrrhenian Sea.
This village enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate and thanks to the presence of some medium-sized mountains the temperature is quite cool also during the summer evenings: if you do not like the heat of summer, then you should visit this small village to enjoy a slightly cooler temperature.

Livestock breeding is the main activity in Casavecchie: you can often find some goats crossing the streets of the village. A vineyard is also present in the village, the Pasqua estate.

At the end of the 6th century, pope Gregory I the Great (590-604) ordered the construction of one of Corsica's first abbeys. Unfortunately, the ruins of this abbey have never been found, but we think that the chapel of St Michael (6th century) was built with the stones of this old abbey. Every 8th of May, on the square in front of this chapel, the villagers meet on the occasion of the patronal feast.
In the village there are also several bread ovens and an oil mill, but they are in a poor state.

This village is located at 22 km from Aléria, at 42 km from Corte and at 95 km from Bastia. Casavecchie is crossed by the D443 road.