Cascade de Carchetu - La Struccia

Access map

20229 Carcheto Brustico
GPS : 42.367089,9.367927

difficulty Easy
Buckle or Return type
1:00 duration
Elevation 50m
Access Carcheto Brustico
GPS Departure: 42.367089, 9.367927; Check in: 42.36587, 9.362175

The Carcheto Waterfall, also known as the Struccia Waterfall, is located on the D71, halfway between Piedicroce and the Arcarota Pass, in the heart of the chestnut forest in the natural region of Castagniccia.
The ride is without much difficulty, it will allow you to take a bath of freshness away from the hottest and most touristic sites of Corsica. Carcheto Brustico is a village in Castagniccia with only about 30 inhabitants.

Appointment to Carcheto Brustico accessible by the D71 between Ponte-Leccia and the N198 to Prunete. Once in the village, locate the bar "Chez Armand" at a place called Casanova and park the vehicle at the church.

Take the paved road to the north-east on which are some small discrete panels indicating the waterfall. Go to the cemetery, then the road becomes a relatively flat path, forming a curve and passing to a source (fountain di L'Onda). Descend to reach, 100m further down the recent belvedere, and ramps to win the foot of the waterfall and its fall over 15m.
The walk is very short and you can reach the village of Piedipartino following the path, and why not make a loop. Count then a good hour more. Return east to cross the river again and return to Carchetu.


Cascade de Carchetu - La Struccia

20229 Carcheto Brustico