20244 Carticasi
GPS : 42.357275,9.289799

Carticasi is located at 900 metres above sea level and belongs to the ancient parish of Vallerustie in Castagniccia. This village dominates the valley of which it is part and offers a breathtaking panorama. Carticasi is bounded to the north by the Vecchiale stream and Punta Di Novalella, to the south by Punta Di Cerio and mount Muffaje, to the west by mount San Cervone and to the east by mount Callerucciu.

This village is crossed by the Casaluna River, which in the past was essential for the mills, the irrigation of the land, the washing of clothes... Even today, the river provides an ideal place to cool off during the summer season.

This village has a millenary history, and it is not by chance that at Carticasi you can admire the Arcu di l'Ursini: a megalith where just once a year, at the summer solstice, sunlight can penetrate. If you like walking, you can see several ancient chapels that are now in the middle of the woods, such as the chapel of St Cervone, which is close to the most beautiful viewpoint of Carticasi at an altitude of 1444 metres, or the chapel of St Stefanu, whose oldest stones date back to the year 596.

This village is located at 70 km from Bastia, at 30 km from Corte and at 25 km from Ponte-Leccia, the nearest town. Carticasi is crossed by the 39 departmental road.