Access map

20200 Cardo
GPS : 42.703258,9.428412

Cardo is only 5 minutes from the center of Bastia. Located in the hills of Bastia, Cardo has kept all the charm of its Corsican traditions, despite the many cultures that have passed through. Thanks to its location (Cardo is on a promontory), the village was protected from barbarian invasions as well as malaria epidemics, and today it offers an exceptional panorama. Its harbor, Porto Cardo, was eventually absorbed by the city of Bastia. Although since 1844 Cardo is officially a neighborhood of Bastia, the village still has a deputy mayor as a symbol of the independent community. To reach Cardo take the road to Saint-Florent from the Palais de Justice, and follow the signs for the Monastery of Saint-Antoine.