Carcheto Brustico

Access map

20229 Carcheto Brustico
+33 4 95 35 84 08
GPS : 42.365813,9.366741

This municipality, located in the heart of Castagniccia, is the result of the merger, in 1972, two old municipalities, Carcheto and Brustico.

The monuments to visit
⦁ Sainte-Marguerite church, listed as a historical monument since 1976, in the hamlet of Carchetu.
⦁ St. Joseph's Church, in the hamlet of Brusticu, Baroque style and restored in the year 2000, contains beautiful frescoes.
⦁ San Martinu Chapel, currently in ruins, on the way to the old Orezza green mine.
⦁ San Marcellu Chapel, in ruins for a long time, served as a cemetery in the 19th century.
⦁ San Bastianu chapel, being restored, is at the bottom of the village, towards the path that leads to the Struccia waterfall.