Cantina di Torra
Lieu dit Torra - route de Saint-Florent
20253 Oletta

Name of the estate: AOP Patrimonio - Cantina di Torra
Area of the domain: 15 ha
Viticulture: Organic
Vinification: Natural
- Mursaglia: East-facing clay-limestone hillside.
- Lumiu: South-facing clay-limestone hillside.
- Porcellese: Plain made up of ancient alluvium.
- Patrimonio clay-limestone hillsides for the Cantina di Torra range.
Presentation of the wines:
- Porcellese Vieilles-vignes: Red wine made from old vines (50 years old) from Nielluccio in goblet-shapes vines. The yield is low and the wine dense and powerful.
- Mursaglia Vieillissement prolongé: White wine which matures in concrete egg-shaped tanks over 24 months.
- Mursaglia: Red wine made from a selection of the best young vines planted in high density (7600 vines / ha). The wine is fruitier and livelier: the Nielluccio is characterized by an extreme freshness, while the Vermentino needs to be fully mature to be fine and aromatic.
- Lumiu: Plot planted with high-density Vermentino on a south-facing limestone hillside. The first harvest in 2016 resulted in a naturally sweet wine (no mutage).
- Cantina di Torra: Three wines from the magnificent clay-limestone Patrimonio hillsides.
Grape varieties:
For the harvests of Mursaglia and Porcellese, the best Nieillucciu and Vermentinu vines resulting from a thorough selection.