20235 Canavaggia
GPS : 42.503111,9.261818

Canavaggia is located at an altitude of 730 metres and belongs to the ancient parish of Costera in Alta Corsica. It is made up of three hamlets (Canavaggia, Costa-Roda and Fiuminale) and offers an exceptional view of the Marana plain and of the old parish of Rostino. This village is peaceful and is the ideal place to seek peace and quiet during the summer.

You should know that this village is one of the oldest on the Corsican mountain: thanks to the discovery of some documents dating to medieval times, we know that Canavaggia was a prosperous village from the beginning of the 11th century.

Inside the village, in the hamlet of Canavaggia, you can visit the parish church of St Maria (10th-11th century), which has a beautiful bell tower built at the beginning of the 19th century. During the Middle Age, the church was protected by the Marquises De Massa, who ensured the prosperity of the church with regular donations. In the hamlet of Costa-Roda there is the oldest chapel in Corsica, the church of St Martin. If you love walking, you can cross the Tenditojo stream thanks to the Tenditoghju bridge, one of the many bridges that were built during the Genoese occupation to allow pedestrians and herds to pass.

This village is located at 37 km from Corte and is crossed by the departmental road 105.