Calanques de Piana

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20150 Piana
GPS : 42.248661,8.660368


Simply breathtaking! The Calanches are, along with the Scandola Nature Reserve, the most wonderful landscapes of the island.
For about 2 km on the road between Porto and Piana, are a series of fantastic rock formations of red granite sculpted into spectacular shapes: chimneys, peaks, men, animals. The best time to see this wonderful place is at sunset, when the red granite is set ablaze.
It is also possible to discover the Calanches on foot and go inland on the many footpaths branching off from the road.
The nature reserve, which is part of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, occupies the Scandola peninsula. The vegetation is an outstanding example of scrubland. Seagulls, cormorants and sea eagles can be found there. The clear waters, with their islets and inaccessible caves, host a rich marine life.

Les Calanches are a geological formation of plutonic rocks which are part of the ensemble called "crystalline Corsica", made of magmatic rocks.
You can see the calanches de Piana in many trails
⦁ The lower trail to "Château fort" : a path starting from the "hairpin bend " of route D 81, in the location known as " la Tête du Chien ", which leads directly to  "Château Fort " (332 m).
⦁ High Trail: Trail starting less than 200 m west of the "Tête du Chien", near the bar "Les Roches Bleues", which joins to the south the D 81 between the bridge of Cavallaghiu and the bridge of Mezzanu passing by the Blue Rocks and the pinnacle of the Calanche.
⦁ "Old Trail from PIana to Ota": Trail starting from the Santa Maria oratory located on the D 81, shortly after the bar "Les Roches Bleues" from Porto, in the middle of the Calanche crossing, which leads to the previous trail.
Les Calanche de Piana have been included in the World Heritage List since 1983.