Bouches de Bonifacio

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20169 Bonifacio
GPS : 41.411422,9.307874

The mouths of Bonifacio are an international strait between Sardinia from Corsica, which are only 11 km apart. They take their name from the most Southern Corsican town, Bonifacio.
They allow communication between the Sardinian Sea to the west and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east. They have a width of 15 to 20 km for a maximum depth of 100 meters.
At the eastern mouth are the Italian islands of the archipelago of La Maddalena and the French islands of Cavallo and Lavezzi.
This inlet is well known to navigators for the dangerousness of its waters: many rocks are scattered under the surface and the currents are very strong and brutal.
The natural reserve of the Bouches de Bonifacio: the largest natural reserve of metropolitan France. It extends over 80,000 ha.
It offers a landscape of limestone cliffs and granite rocks, and the site is home to 37% of the remarkable species of Mediterranean.
There are coastal and marine environments as well as exceptional landscapes: the archipelagos of Lavezzi, Cerbicale, Bruzzi or Moines, the cliffs of Bonifacio, the ponds of Ventilègne...
These environments are home to a cosmopolitan flora associating Alpine and African influences. The wealth of underwater fauna (posidonia meadows, giant limpets, mother-of-pearl, gorgonian corals, groupers...) and birds such as the European shag and the Cory's shearwater are equally remarkable.
The visitor numbers (150,000 people per year in Lavezzi, 20,000 people throughout the reserve in some afternoons in August...) are a testament to its touristic appeal.