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La boutique du port - Port de Porto
20150 Porto
+33 7 77 81 50 14
GPS : 42.267205,8.693766

Ticket sales at the Boutique du Port . Nice for the boat ride
Sortie 1 : 30€/personne, Durée 1h30, Départs : 12H30. 17H30. 19H00
Visite des calanches de PIANA et grottes du CAPO ROSSO
Visit the south side of the Gulf of Porto, brings a maritime vision of the creeks of PIANA and explore the sea caves of Capo Rossu, beautiful vision granitic rocks shaped by erosion as much strange shapes shimmering in clear water and of fish, you'll see the osprey nest, the Genoese tower of Turghiu, the natural pool and the ark of Capo Rosso.

Sortie 2 : 45€/personne, Durée 2h30, Départs : 10HOO. 14h00. 17h30
Visite de la réserve de Scandola, arrêt a Girolata
judgment A jewel in the pure state, the Scandola reserve, peninsula or the Regional Park of Corsica introduced a terrestrial and marine protection. This is the highlight of the visit, a completely inaccessible except by boat, a beauty parade, rock of incomparable diversity, marine birds such as the osprey, eagle sinner whose species was saved here the cathedral fault Elbo Bay, a blue water that does not exist anywhere else, certainly one of the places to rank among the finest in the world! A stop 30 to 40 minutes is offered at Girolata, a small fishing village with its Genoese fort made famous by the capture of the pirate Dragut, became a small natural harbor popular with boaters who come summer put a foot earth to enjoy this beautiful place accessible also by a mule track from the neck of the cross.

Sortie 3 : 60€/personne, Durée 3h30, Départs : 9H00. 14HOO. 17H30 (arrêt apéritif a bord pour la balade de 17H30) TOUT EN UN : La boucle complète cumulant les deux promenades (sortie 1 & 2)
This is the tour that the greatest success with our customers, a boat trip that offers such a diversity of landscapes, rocks, caves, features of nature that is All in One and this IS MUST!
The number of people on board is limited, please book your tickets by phone at 07 77 81 50 14 or in one of our outlets.
Possibility of privatization with skipper EXPLORER: Rates on request.

Bateau Promenade Explorateur

La boutique du port - Port de Porto
20150 Porto