Balade de Terrenzana

Access map

20270 Tallone
GPS : 42.155813,9.527426

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Loop or Round trip
Duration: 1h00
Access: Pompugliani

The natural site of Terrenzana was developed between the sea and the thicket by building trails, a gazebo, a cabin, parking areas and signage, and is now open to the public. An hour- long trek along the pond of Diana and then you'll get to the sea. At the Pompugliani Belvedere, you'll see signs telling you about the landscapes and the natural and human history of this place.

From Riva Bella
Going south 500 m, on the beach, take the Terrenzana Trail that enters the thicket by fenced stairs. A loop leads back to Riva Bella in 1 hour, but it is possible, halfway, to extend the ride by taking the 2nd trail along the pond of Diane, and then to return by the track at the crossroads of the two routes (about 1h also).

From the national road
Leaving Riva Bella, 1 km after taking the T10 to Aléria, turn left on the small road lined with eucalyptus (sign "Chasse Pasqualina"). Continue on the dirt road, leave on the right the blocked road, bypass the cave, go between the houses surrounded by palisades (despite the sign "Private") and: either arrive at the "Parking Pompugliani" from where the "Diane Trail" leads to the Belvédère, or continue on the trail to the "Stationnement du col", at the crossroads of the 2 trails, or go to the end of the track until "Grand stationnement de la plage" where the path starts.

From Pompugliani, follow the track that goes to the sea. During the journey, you can see beautiful remnants of the thicket which, elsewhere on this coast, were cleared to farm the land. Further on, the horizon is characterized by the contours of two ponds, Terrenzana in the north, and that of Diana in the south. On the beach, linger on the treasures brought by the sea: two plants with marine flowers are sure to catch your attention, the posidonia and the cymodocea. Then go to the banks of the pond of Diana, and then north to finally discover the unusual landscapes of the small pond of Terrenzana.

Balade de Terrenzana

20270 Tallone