Balade à Tallone

Access map

20270 Tallone
GPS : 42.231611,9.412519

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Loop
Duration: 2h00
Length: 6.60 km
Difference in height: 200 m
Access: Tallone

Access by car
Go to the village of Tallone and leave the car near the baroque church of Saint-Cézaire.

This walk can be made in both directions:
from the Place de l’Église to the Hermitage
from the church and follow the D116 with the yellow markings.

Take a right on the road to Tallone. Join a Y junction. Turn right following the yellow markings. Continue the trail that follows the road to the south. Reach another junction. Continue straight on towards the Col de Corso. Turn left in the Tufo Ravine. Go along the stream and leave it on the right and reach the Ravin de Jalichelle where the Scandolajo stream runs (dry in summer). You'll have to cross it. Continue south-east to reach the Corso pass on the D116 at the sign Ermitage Santa Lucia/Fondale. Cross the D116 and take the yellow marked path opposite. Walk along the D116 on the left, reach a crossroads. Turn left towards a sheep shelter. Take the route again, continuing north to reach the spring of Acqua Viva. Keep following the path and go straight to the places called Orzale and Romanelle. Get to the road under the sommet de Romanelle.
Turn right, join the D116 and turn right to pass the cemetery. Cross it and take the path on the right to join the starting point.

Balade à Tallone

20270 Tallone