à 1h15 au nord-est d'Ajaccio
20121 Azzana
GPS : 42.117852, 8.924724

With its area of 12.00 km², the town has 54 inhabitants (as of 2017) it belongs to the arrondissement of Ajaccio and to the canton of Cruzini-Cinarca.

Azzana is a small village of pastoral origin at an altitude of around 460 meters. It clings to a very steep slope, surrounded by forest and maquis, and is halfway between the crest of the mountain and the river.

This village is stretched lengthwise and the houses installed on a slope are large old homes in dark granite grouped around the church.

This pastoral village was founded by six families of shepherds who settled on a transhumance route between the mountains to spend the summer and the sea in winter. The shepherds stayed in the village in the spring and fall.