20225 Avapessa
GPS : 42.561297,8.895550

Avapressa ("acqua spessa" in Corsican language) is a small village situated at an altitude of 250 metres in the Balagne region. The village overlooks the Regino valley and is enclosed by the mountains that surround the Balagne region. However, it enjoys a mild and temperate climate thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Like the other villages in the Balagne, the flora of Avapressa is characterised by olive trees, maritime pines and cork oaks.

Today, Avapressa is one of the eighteen villages of Balagne belonging to a second-generation natural area of ecological, faunal and floristic interest. This village is a great starting point for numerous hikes: Monte Zingu (737 m), Capu di Bestia (804 m), Monte Grosso (1937 m) and San Parteo (1680 m).

Art lovers can visit the 17th-century Church of St Maria in the centre of Avapressa. In the past, the village housed a defensive tower and another chapel, but these buildings no longer exist. Their stones were reused for the construction of the village press and of many houses.

The village is crossed by the D 71 road and by the D 613 one. Avapressa is located at 15 km from Île-Rousse and at 20 km from Calvi.