Au jardin de la Testa

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Route de la Testa
20144 Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio
+33 6 20 38 11 27
GPS : 41.696271,9.370764

Our farm located in the south of Corsica offers you a large choice of "organic" products.

We produce citrus fruits : clementines, lemons, pomelos, oranges, as well as vegetables. In summer we also produce peaches and nectarines in sustainable production.

The domain, of human size, comprises 28 ha in an old riverbed. The soil is light (sandy in depth and clay-silty on the surface, with a high percentage of pebbles) and mineralogically fertile.
The nature of the mobilizable elements are silica, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Not very rich in nitrogen elements, crop yields are very low in favor of quality. The quantitative equilibrium of all these elements present in this soil gives to the cultures a perfume and a particularly authentic and unique flavor.

We exclude the use of all chemicals.
The fruits and vegetables will be healthy and their flavor comes from the soil.

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⦁ Wednesday morning Lecci
⦁ Sunday morning Porto-Vecchio