Atelier Legnu Nustrale

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Route de l'église
20143 Fozzano
+33 6 52 24 04 07
GPS : 41.698360,9.000860

The objects presented here and exposed to Fozzano are all made of local wood (olive, juniper, heather ...) and engraved in the name of the workshop: Legnu Nustrale (wood from here)

Jef Nicolier, turner-pipier tells us ... "Often, I make collages with different materials (Silver-copper-brass-galalith-horn), on the other hand, the pipes are turned only in beautiful Corsican heather and the pipes are in ebonite."

Essential visit for lovers of beautiful objects and the opportunity to discover a beautiful village.

Opening hours 10h30-12h30 15h-18h.
Workshop closed on Sundays

Pens from 62€
Pipes from 75€