20270 Antisanti
GPS : 42.167221,9.345760

Antisanti is a small village that belongs to the old parish of Rogna and that is located at an altitude of 700 metres. This mid-mountain village has a breathtaking panorama, with views of Elba on one side and of the main peaks of central Corsica on the other side. Agriculture has always assured the prosperity of this territory, which in the past was specialised in the production of wheat and cedar. Today, Antisanti produces 40% of French clementines, an excellent result for a village of only five hundred inhabitants.

This commune is part of a natural area of ecological, faunal and floristic interest, the Basse vallée du Tavignano (Lower Tavignano valley). This river is the longest in Corsica after the Golo and is the only place in Corsica where we can see the twaite shad, a fish that can reach the 50 cm.

Inside the village, you can visit the parish church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens (19th century) built in Baroque style on the ruins of the old 15th-century church and extended several times. There is a war memorial next to the church.
Antisanti is located at 40 km from Corte and is crossed by the departmental road 43. This village remains quiet even during the high season.