20151 Ambiegna
GPS : 42.083455, 8.791648

Ambiegna is located at 354 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Cinarca. This village is close to the regional natural park of Corsica and borders a forest situated in a very peaceful and quiet area. It is a hilltop village which enjoys a quite warm Mediterranean climate during the summer, but in Ambiegna the temperature is little cooler and less humid than the temperature on the littoral. If you need a bit of fresh air after a day on the beach, then do not hesitate to go to Ambiegna for a breather.

This village is not far from the beautiful beach of Tiuccia, near to the beach of Stagnone. This sandy beach is made up of two areas, of which the northern part is the busiest and the most easily accessible. You should also go to the beach of Liamone, which stretches for several kilometres.

Art lovers can visit the church of St Cosmas and Damian (19th century), which replaced the old medieval church outside the village, the Romanesque church of St Albert (11th century).
You should also take a look at the oratory of Saint Antonu, which is located at the edge of the village, where you can find also the Strada Antica, which was an important transhumance route from Liamone to Pastricciola.

Ambiegna is located at 31 km from Cargèse, at 36 km from Ajaccio and at 87 km from Corte. This village is crossed by the D1 road.