20212 Alzi
GPS : 42.302999,9.301250

Alzi is located at an altitude of 700 metres in Upper Corsica and belongs to the ancient parish of Bozio. It is a village surrounded by mountains and its territory stretches out on the mountainside of the Punta di Caldane (1724 m). This small mountain village offers a beautiful view of the Spina Razeta and is a good starting point for many hikes. In fact, Alzi is a crossing point of the Mare to Mare trail: hikers often take a short break in Alzi to quench their thirst at the alzinca funtana, which is located in the centre of the village.

In Alzi, Pasquale Paoli and the general de Matra fought for several days to gain the control of the island: General de Matra put in a difficult position Pasquale Paoli, who was forced to take refuge in the convent of Alando and who was saved only thanks to the intervention of his brother.

Inside the village, you can find several mills and chestnut dryers, many of these buildings are still in use today as agriculture continues to play an important role in the island's economy. If you make a stop in Alzi, then you can visit the parish church of San Roch (18th century), which is located at the edge of the village.

This small village, which remains little frequented by tourists throughout the year, is located at 20 km from Corte. Alzi is crossed by the departmental road 339.