20251 Altiani
GPS : 42.214260,9.280031

Altiani is a village located in Upper Corsica, which belongs to the old parish of Rogna, and which is located at an altitude of 620 metres. It is a mid-mountain village with no maritime facade, an excellent starting point for all hikers in search of peace and quiet. This village is rich in streams and all of them are tributaries of the Tavignano, the longest river in Corsica after the Golo.  It will not surprise you to learn that Altiani is part of a natural area of ecological, faunal and floristic interest: Basse vallée du Tavignanola (Lower Tavignano valley).

Agriculture and breeding are still particularly important for the economy of Altiani: indeed, an experimental breeding station with more than 200 sheep and 50 lambs is located here.

In this village, art lovers can find several chapels to visit, starting with the Roman chapel of St Giovanni (10th century), which was the ancient church of the parish of Rogna, and which is now classified as a historical monument. A little further away you can find the chapel of St Michele (527 m) and the chapel of St Alessio (366 m) – unfortunately the two chapels are rather worn out by time. Altiani has one of the most beautiful Genoese bridges in Corsica, the ponte a u Larice. It is a three-arched bridge dating from the 14th century, which was an obligatory passage between Altiani and Piedicorti, especially during the period of transhumance.

This village is crossed by the D 314 road and is located at 25 km from Corte. Altiani remains rather quiet even during the summer period, also because there is no public transport service reaching the village.