à 45 mns à l'ouest de Corte
20224 Albertacce
GPS : 42.328264, 8.986424

Albertacce is a town of medium and high mountains, located in the northwest center of the island.

This municipality of nearly 200 inhabitants (as of 2017) belongs to the Niolo microregion. It covers an area of 97.12 km2 and is surrounded by the mountains of Capu Tafunatu, Paglia Orba, Punta Minuta and Punta Artica.

The village of Albertacce is built on a gentle slope and extends until the Golo river in a superb chestnut grove, which is maintained and exploited today. Albertacce is made up of three hamlets : Calasima, Pietra and Zitamboli.

In the village center, you can see the war memorial and a pebble fountain decorated with mosaics.