20244 Aiti
GPS : 42.398111,9.243222

Aiti is a small village located in Upper Corsica, belonging to the ancient parish of Vallerustie in Castagniccia. It is a village surrounded by mountains and located at 757 metres of altitude, very wooded and verdant: the Corsican maquis is composed of heath, strawberry tree, mastic and smilax. Despite its altitude, Aiti enjoys a temperate climate thanks to the positive influence of the Mediterranean Sea.

Aiti is an excellent starting point for many hikes – its highest point is at 1121 metres (Cima a l'Orzale), while its lowest one is at 238 metres (gulf of Golo).  This village is part of two natural areas of ecological, faunal and floristic interest: Forêt territoriale de Pineto (Territorial forest of Pineto), which extends over Gavignano, Saliceto and Aiti and which is rich in maritime pines, and Landes et pelouse sommitales du Monte Piano-Maggiore (Moors and high-altitude grasslands of Monte Piano-Maggiore), where many endemic plant species can be found.

Inside the village, you can visit the church of St Étienne (14th century) which was rebuilt in the XIX century and which has a high bell tower visible from the valley floor of Casaluna. If you like walking, then you can see the ruins of the old St. Stephen's Church (9th century), which was the main church of Vallerustie and of which only a few stones in the middle of nature remain.

You can reach Aiti from the D 239 road. This village is located outside the tourist circuit, at 50 km from Bastia and at 23 km from Corte.